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Pictures of Pencil Drawing Artworks by CHANTELLE VAN ZYL


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Lazy Days Heat Of The Hunt Guarding The Kill DungBeetle CommonPaperNautilus Addo Baby Elephant Stalking TheYawn-WhiteLions ImpalaAndBird Sneeking A Peek - Hyena Cub


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Hartleibs Gull Big Five Sleeping It Off Where Did They Go Under The Big Tree Nyala At The River Sisterhood Necking Zebras Grazing Zebra Burchell's Zebra And Foal OrphanCub.jpg Eve The Hunter Twins Rhino Grazing Gemsbok At Wateringhole White Rhino With Bird Zebra Baby With Mother Cheetah Portrait The Dark Mane Water Of Life Hung Over Sand On My Feet Learning To Drink Early To Rise


The above are pencil drawings by professional wildlife and nature artist Chantelle Van Zyl.

Photos copyright (c) Chantelle Van Zyl.

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